chatabit suicide prevention
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The Old Warehouse, Larders have teamed up with Lincolnshire County Council and Shine, to build a network of like minded people that would like to learn more about how mental health affects us all and help prevent suicide.


Interested in volunteering?
3 hours online basic awareness training and your eyes and ears is all we ask. If you have lived experience either yourself, friends or in your families – you can help.


We would love to hear from you if you have a safe space where people could meet ups and ‘chatabit’ – cafe’s, coffee shops, workplaces and clubs.


Our website contains information on how you can get involved or if you are feeling low, where to turn for help and support.
Please look out for our window stickers. These indicate our safe spaces if you need someone to talk to.
chatabit safe space
In partnership with lincolnshire county council