Fantastic Coffee To Drink At Home During Lockdown

Cafetiere Coffee

Have you tried our very own espresso blend in your own bean to cup machine? Available in 1-kilo bags for the serious drinkers. Our formula helps remove the bitterness and is a blend of beans from India, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil giving one of the finest Flat Whites you will ever taste.


coffee cup

Not only do we serve tens of thousands of this espresso blend every year through our machines for Flat Whites, Cappuccinos, Lattes and Americanos, it also is a goto coffee for a cafetiere.

Recommended for lockdown is our outstanding single origin Vietnamese coffee, this is HIGH roast which brings the best out of the bean. Without fail everybody that has had a smell of this coffee prior to purchasing from our shop has had ONE word and that is “WOW”.


Coffe PHIN

 We serve this from a cafetiere unlike our Vietnamese friends who brew there’s with a filter contraption called a “PHIN” this is a slow filter process poured over condensed milk. Difficult to reproduce in the shop due to the slow drip feed. This also greatly effects the served temperature of the coffee which we in the UK are not quite used to, all the same, both cafetiere and a “PHIN” make for a stunning cup of coffee. that will fill your kitchen with rich chocolate aromas whilst brewing.

Both our espresso blend and single origin Vietnamese are available in beans or ground.

Coffe PHIN